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The Constitution of the United States
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Historical Context/Event Section of the Constitution  Constitutional Principle Connection to Course Content 
   A More Perfect Union   Preamble Popular sovereignty We the People 
 Washington's Presidency  Article II Section 1  Unwritten Constitution  Washington's Cabinet 1792
 Washington's Presidency  Article II Section 3  Federal Supremacy Whiskey Rebellion 1794  
 Washington's Presidency  Article II  Section 2 Treaty Making Powers  The Jay Treaty 1794 
Adam's Presidency  Amendment 1 Free Speech  Alien and Sedition Acts 1798 
Jefferson's Presidency  Article II Section 2  Treaty Making Powers  Louisiana Purchase 1803 
Madison's Presidency Article I Section 8 Checks and Balances War Declaration 1812
Monroe's Presidency Article II  Section 2  Treaty Making Powers   The Monroe Doctrine 1824 
Nationalism and Sectionalism  Article I Section 8 Delegated Powers - Patents George West
John Quincy Adams Presidency Amendment #12 Presidental Elections  The Electon of 1824 
Andrew Jackson's Presidency  Article II Section 2  Presidential Appointments  The Election of 1828 
Andrew Jackson's Presidency Article I Section 7 Checks and Balances The Bank Veto 1832
Andrew Jackson's Presidency Article II Section 3 Federal Supremacy The Force Bill 1833



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